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Outfest 2014’s ‘Longtime Companion’: Groundbreaking AIDS-Era Drama Turns 25

I’m just a little young to have been affected by the AIDS crisis of the ‘80s, but listening to people a couple years older than me, what comes up again and again is that this is a seminal work in telling the story of those horrible events. People point to it as being the most meaningful film to them.”

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Jack Plotnick Takes Command of Outfest with Cosmic Vehicle ‘Space Station 76’

One of Los Angeles’ most revered local talents, Jack Plotnick takes command of this year’s Outfest with his ’70s throwback sci-fi spoof Space Station ’76. But before you catch his heartfelt comedy at the LGBT film fest’s closing night event, read what he has to say about making the film, currently the project on every local film-lover’s lips.

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Hot List 2014: Kayce Brown Unites Gay Gamers

With a history of working with a ‘who’s who’ of gay organizations, it was no surprise when Kayce Brown co-founded the first-ever gay gaming convention, GaymerX. A short year later, she’s gearing up for Gaymer X2, to be held July 11–13 at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. She’s also ramping up for Camp More, the summer youth program of the Be More Heroic anti-bullying initiative, another avenue for her unique brand of disruptive activism. Read more…

Hot List 2014: Courtney Act, Gender-Bending Idol from Down Under

In the end, Courtney Act might not have taken home the top title on last season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, but the character created by Australian native Shane Jenek got everything she came for.

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Hot List 2014: Adore Delano, from ‘American Idol’ to Drag Superstar

Adore Delano has looked at life—or at least the reality-show version of life—from both sides now. A runner-up on the past season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, he also competed a few years back as a nearly 17-year-old Danny Noriega on American Idol’s seventh season. Back then, though, he didn’t have RuPaul to help him sort it all out.

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July 4th Gear: Grilling Gadgets, Trendy Tastes and 5 Summer Cook Books

O say can you see summer’s salad days,
burger-ready slabs of meaty bacon and what’s next on the grill after kale?

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Hot List 2014: Meet the 20 Individuals Who Made This Year’s List of Inspiring LGBTs

It’s a Frontiers tradition that we kick off summer each year with The Hot List, our annual roundup of local LGBTs who should be on your radar. While the 20 men and women on this year’s list contribute to the vibrancy of Los Angeles via the arts, fashion, sports, politics or an entrepreneurial instinct, they are all at the same time talented, inspiring and sexy. Each of these individuals make the City of Angels a great place to call home, and we honor their contributions in our latest issue. Meet this year’s Hot List below, and click through to find their individual profiles.
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Hot List 2014: Desiree Akhavan is This Year’s Shining Star of Outfest

“I’m really hoping that in five years’ time we can live in a world where there’s more than one intelligent, funny woman making films and television,” Desiree Akhavan told recently, responding to a wave of post-Sundance publicity positing her as the next Lena Dunham.

At 29, the Iranian-American writer, director and star of the Outfest-bound Appropriate Behavior does share a sensibility, and a setting—Brooklyn—with the Girls creator. But there’s one big difference—Akhavan’s character, Shirin, introduced when she leaves her Park Slope apartment with sex toy in hand, has just broken up with Max, her girlfriend.

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Beach Blanket Books: 9 Great Reads for the Summer

Life’s a beach, and one of the best things about L.A.’s summer months is laying low with a great book as the water laps the shore. Whether your summer reading preferences tip toward spiced-up fiction, idiosyncratic bios, pithy comedy patter or dissecting cultural trends, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t forget the sunblock.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Show Your Pops He’s Tops

Whether you’re seeking a gift for your pops, something for that my-two-dads couple down the street or a present for your hot daddy, you know that Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s time to pull out all the stops. Whether’s he a dandy, an outdoorsman or a collector, there’s something for him on this list in every price range. If you’re shopping with an unlimited budget, all the better, because some of these suggestions definitely fit the fantasy category.But what’s life without a little daydreaming? You know your dad is worth it.

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