Donnie Darko
George Skinner

Art Walk, that second-Thursday-of-every-month jamboree of booze hounds and gallerinas, is the perfect excuse to re-acquaint yourself with Downtown L.A. The streets are jam-packed with bustling urbanites and the ratio of homeless to hipster is 1:75. Granted, no one will be enforcing a dress code, but I think we can agree it’s always a good idea to dress for an occasion.

Now, I’m not suggesting you don a silk-screened skeleton-print onesie from the Halloween Superstore (though that could totally work), but I do believe we can borrow a few clues from Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role of 2001’s Donnie Darko to assemble the perfect look for a night of broody, artistic downtowning.

The Seen:

1. Charcoal and black striped kangaroo hoody, $62,
3. Rick Owens Drk Shdw Detroit-cut jeans, $520,
4. Anatomical skeleton shirt, $19.99,
5. Diesel digital watch #dz7118, $142,
8. Chuck Taylor leather high-top sneakers, $70,

The Un-seen:

2. Redken OutPlay texture putty, $17, drugstores nationwide
6. St. Bart’s boxer by Andrew Christian, $27,
7. Bang by Marc Jacobs, $55.90,
9. 3-pack low cut men’s skull socks, $8.95,

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  1. Pancho posted on 02/22/2012 11:33 PM  
    yay gallerinas!

    My gallery grrls are en pointe.
  2. Jerry Allen posted on 02/23/2012 10:49 AM  
    Brilliant on all accounts!

    With Visa card extended I say, “I’ll take the lot! I must have it all, immediately! That’s all…”
  3. jmpinLALA posted on 02/25/2012 06:48 PM  
    What a great article! So glad I came across it!! Fun, funny, informative. Can’t wait to see more!!
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