Monster Ball
Victor Barreiro

On Saturday, Oct. 26, David Rios and Joe Sparks recruited DJ Manny C (a favorite of mine) to bring us their epic annual Halloween party Monster Ball, which was a night of drinking, partying and more drinking. Shocker!

The spooktacular event took place at a large warehouse in Monrovia, allowing hundreds of guests to enjoy themselves at the highly anticipated event. Monster Ball had three spacious areas—a main stage, executive lounge and a glowing patio. DJs Manny C, B-Hen, Beats and Charlie Phresh kept the dance floors busy. There was never a lack of peeps shaking their ass to the music or others just simply shaking their ass because they were #living.

If you weren’t getting your groove on to the música, then you were probably standing in line to get a cocktail. Speaking of mixed beverages, those prices were killer. Drinks were a mere $5 and beers were $3. Happy hour anyone? Shout-out to Pacheco and Brandon for knowing exactly what they were doing when serving cocktails. They took multiple orders, which alleviated long lines at their bar. Multi-tasking is definitely something those two are good at.

Creative juices were clearly flowing early that day when partygoers got ready for the shindig. They really thought of some cute and amazing costumes. The legendary Marilyn Monroe came back to life via Melissa Befierce, who was accompanied by her boo, Luis Turcoette. He was dressed up as the king of rock ‘n’ roll, Elvis. 

Yours truly came as a cowboy. I was inspired by the Big & Rich song “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy).” What? I’m just being honest. My BFF Augie was a referee. Others that could be seen around the venue were cops, vampires, zombies, holy ones, and those are to name a few. Of course some wore practically nothing and used the excuse that during Halloween “anything goes.” Sure. 

The famous pole that lights up at the bottom was also in attendance. Many of you that have attended a David Rios function know exactly what I am talking about. Classic! That pole was put to good use by the sexy dancers who occupied it. Lets just say that they gave Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone in Showgirls a run for her money. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Towards the end of the night, ‘trick or treat’ took on a different type of meaning. I won’t be naming names this time around on who decided to be a trick or a treat. I’ll be saving that for my tell-all.

Everyone had a ball that night. I’ll let you take that how you want to. The night came to an end at 3 a.m., with many already looking forward to David and Joe’s next event. Stay tuned for big news to be announced. Let’s just say that it involves ringing in the new year.

A huge round of applause goes to Manny C for notifying others about the drivers licenses and debit cards found at the event. Now that’s what I am talking about! Manny has clearly taken a page from the ‘pay it forward’ book.

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