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Pretty Fly for a Queer Eye
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Best known for his Emmy Award-winning role on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, actor, singer and activist Jai Rodriguez can be seen in a grab-bag of scripted shows including Harry’s Law, Bones, How I Met Your Mother and Malibu Country. He also played Kelly Clarkson’s assistant Chad in the NBC holiday TV movie Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Music Tale. Now the TV veteran delves into more serious things, like his one deserted island movie pick (it’s porn) and what he’d (respectfully) like to do to Looking’s Jonathan Groff.

If this were speed dating, how would you describe yourself to a complete stranger in just one sentence? I’m the kinda guy your mom will love.

If you could watch only one movie, every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? I don’t know, something from Randy Blue? Somehow the acting never gets old.

Hold onto your seat, because it’s about to get real. What’s your favorite color? And think of a pretentious new name for it. Slate, aka “Fluorescent Grey.”

Complete the sentence: “I could not live without…” My cell phone. #cliché

What celebrity would you like to have wild, passionate, dirty animal sex with? Kat Graham, the chick from Vampire Diaries. She’s crazy hot! If I have to pick a dude, I’d say Jonathan Groff. I’d split that kid in half. Respectfully, of course!

What song title could also be the name of your autobiography? P!nk’s “Blow Me… One Last Kiss.”

Describe, in detail, your death row meal. I’d have a huge Italian meal. I’m allergic to gluten, so I steer clear, but fuck it! If I’m gonna die I want lasagna, baked ziti, a NYC pizza and garlic knots. With a nice glass of Cabernet!

If you could come back in your next life as anyone or anything, who or what would you be? I’d come back as Rihanna. She seems to strike a balance between enjoying life and delivering a good product to fans. Plus I admire her posting pics of herself blazed.

Worst job you’ve ever had? Fuck!  Hmmmm, censoring… Uh, raising a couple boyfriends? That shit’s hard work!

Share your favorite beauty tip with us. I always use eye cream and sunblock.

Who or what is your spirit animal? I feel like I’d be a wolf-bunny. Is that a thing?

Tell me a secret! Your dad’s a good kisser. 

Finally, be a total shameless whore and plug whatever you want. Ha! I love this part! Follow me on Twitter @jairodriguez and Instagram @officialjairodriguez and like my FB page,

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