Lynda Kay to Headline Trevor Project Gala in Palm Springs

In Dallas, Texas, one thing is common knowledge: “The higher the hair, the closer to god,” and Lynda Kay tries her hardest to prove that old adage true. Her fabulous bouffant and enrapturing four-octave vocal range return to Palm Springs to take part in Night Out for Trevor, a fundraiser for the LGBT community’s life-saving mission to prevent suicide, The Trevor Project. The elegant songstress—known as much for her elegant, vintage style as her sultry voice—took a moment to dish with Frontiers about the upcoming performance. 

FRONTIERS: How did you first get involved with The Trevor Project?

LYNDA KAY: I met Chaz Stevens, the Chairman of the Event, when I was performing in Hollywood, where he approached me about the Palm Springs Trevor event. I wanted to learn more about the organization, so Chaz took me to meet [Trevor Project CEO] Abbe Land, and she gave me a tour of the offices and I met the volunteers. I was so deeply moved by their mission, I proudly accepted the invitation to perform.

F: What are you most looking forward to with this performance?

LK: I’m really excited about connecting with new people and seeing dear friends while performing under the stars at the Escena Golf Resort. I’ve never performed with my entire seven-piece band in this type of setting, so I just hope the desert wind cooperates. But I’m prepared with my traveling hairdresser, many wardrobe changes and plenty of cocktails to keep me from being dry!

F: Why do you feel your act resonates so strongly with gay audiences?

LK: Gay men and women really seem to appreciate the type of music I perform, which you rarely hear live anymore. My friend Bruce Vilanch says it best: “If you were wondering if they’d ever make a fabulous, sexy, powerful, funny and lusciously talented chick singer that grownups could love, stop wondering. She’s here.” And is there a gay person out there who doesn’t appreciate drag? I mean, honey, I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where big hair, sparkles and beads are what we put on to go to the supermarket!

F: What’s the best advice you can give to any girl who wants to bouffant their own hair?

LK: Well, I’m preaching to the choir, but here goes: Aqua Net Extra Super Hold or L’Oreal Elnett for a softer hold, and tease it up ‘til you can’t get it any bigger, because we all need a lot of humor in our lives!

Night Out for Trevor
June 21
Escena Country Club

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