Author Karen Ocamb


Meet Crown Prince Manvendra, the World's Only Out Royal

After coming out to his 650-year-old family dynasty,
Crown Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of India was disowned and burned
in effigy, but now he marches proudly and works to save others in
a country that has newly criminalized homosexuality 


Through Art's Eye

Truth-Telling Wanda Sykes Brings Comedy Tour to Long Beach

Comedian Wanda Sykes may be a Democrat, but she ain’t no knee-jerk lefty. In fact, while liberals like Oliver Stone call NSA leaker Edward Snowden a “hero,” Sykes told her friend Jay Leno, “I think Snowdown is a jackass.” And Sykes has more than a dash of credibility to back up her opinion—she used to work for the real NSA, not a contractor like the leaker, and with a college degree, not a GED like Snowden. And for all those folks so worried about their privacy, “Well, get the hell off Facebook, then!”

To be sure, politics will surely be smartly interspersed throughout her comedy concert at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach on Sept. 14 (click here for tickets), but Sykes is no longer as pissed off as she was in 2008 when Prop. 8 passed one month after she married and came out.  And while she once told CNN’s Piers Morgan that it was harder to be gay than to be black, now she says: Read more...