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Horse Meat Disco's New Album Will Leave You Hungry for More

It’s more than a beloved, all-inclusive queer nightclub event in London’s Vauxhall district—Horse Meat Disco is a movement, a scene and a revival of sorts. Founded by a cadre of DJs and music lovers (James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and “Filthy” Luke Howard), the male collective spins the sounds of classic and rare disco, Italo funk and happy synth pop on dance floors all over the globe. They also curate and mix these gems for mass consumption, as they’ve done with the release of the two-disc Horse Meat Disco Vol. IV. I spoke with Howard about what makes horse meat taste so good. Read more...

Burly & Beautiful

John Grant is a hulking tree trunk of a gay man who looks more like Paul Bunyon than a pensive, emotionally honest songwriter. His latest disc, Pale Green Ghosts, is a gorgeous blend of lush, orchestral sounds and understated electronic beats anchored by his alluring vocals. Grant plays Echo Park's The Echo on Monday, June 17, and I chatted with him from his new home in Iceland.