Author Ed Baker


Swimsuit Issue: Hot Guys, Sizzling Style

A look at essential swimwear style for Summer 2014

Produced by Ed Baker

Photography by John Fallon


Moroccan Roll Nights: L.A. Fashion After Dark

Nestled among a fairly quiet stretch of Sunset Boulevard sits one of Hollywood’s most iconic, storied works of design. For 42 years the space housed famed Moroccan restaurant Dar Maghreb, but last year the venue was reborn as Acabár, best described as an international journey for the senses, inviting you to drink, dine and dance with abandon. 


Sports Wear

Fluff 'n' Fold Facials

In the never-ending quest to reclaim what was taken for granted on our youthful faces, we have come to embrace many forms of facial—the zen paraffin massage, pore-busting workover, chemical shedding, laser zap cell-stimulation and various combos of the aforementioned. And in Los Angeles, an age-vague populace constantly calls into question just what regimen works short of head transplanting and witchcraft. As a frugal middle-ager with hefty nightlife and sun history, I seek the most bang for my buck, and therefore am intrigued by lasers. Anything that carves diamonds, eyeballs and ambiance on the dance floor is magic.  Read more...