The Normals

There are many wise words of wisdom that have been past on to me in my lifetime. Some are great and some are cheeky. Some conjure up deep thought and others are just stupid.

Some of my favorites include: 
You can't lead a horse to water”

“Don't look a gift horse in the mouth” 

and the classic

“The grass is always greener on the other side”

But when it comes to the world of dating and love none has ever resonated more to me than the classic 
"Opposites Attract” aka The Paula Abdul Factor 
Sometimes I see couples that are shining examples of how this works- but then others that are simply poster children for poor choices while dating.

But isn’t that the way with everything?  

Time and time again I chat with friends who constantly are dating the “same kind of person” in the “same circles” and it always ends with a grandeous crash and burn ending.

If we keep making the same mistakes maybe its time to look outside the circle and make a change.

But when it comes to understanding the necessity in finding a partner from "outside" your world, does that create more problems in the dating game or open us up to world of possibilities like we have never seen before?

Lets examine the possibilities.

Scenario 1 "The Dirty Dancing" Factor 
Nobody puts Baby in the corner - and that's exactly where our prince charming will find us. In a corner dumbfounded over our poor dating choices.

When Frances (aka Baby) realizes there was nothing left for her in the snotty tennis courts and yacht clubs, she begins to fall madly in love with Johnny a dance instructor at the resort. 
Now- I'm not saying sleep with the help any chance you get- but what I am saying is- maybe you've simply exhausted your dating pool.

Dabble bitches. Dabble! 
Scenario 2. "The Stacy Keebler" factor. 
Oh Staci. You epitomize every woman and gay mans dream of being the ultimate arm candy for Mc. Swoony George. 
This is a cautionary tale though, so heed this warning!

We all know that there is an expiration to what kind of "relationship" George really wants.

So unless your a girl that wants nothing, then read the writing in the wall and make sure that you get out as soon as you can. You’re wasting your time and pretty face! 

Scenario 3. You can't turn a Hoe into a housewife. 
As hard as you want to- sometimes a Hoe... Is a Hoe.  (This is also where I say calling a spade a spade- is appropriate.) 
It's very rare that you can take people like Pam Anderson and expect them to put on an apron and bake you an apple pie. If you order Pam Anderson- you will get Pam Anderson.

And that's okay. Pam is not for everyone, like Chocolate or wine.

But my point is- just because your current trick of the week- loves you like a love song- lets be honest. That love song is only three minutes and twenty-one seconds long. 
So save your time and anxiety and follow this simple advice:  
A "normal" could do you a world of good. 
A normal will understand everything it takes to make a relationship long lasting. 
They have simple height leveled tastes- but they will not overshadow the necessity of love.

A normal is a person who does not necessarily run in your usual circles and may not necessarily scream “WE MATCH”- but deep inside you will connect.

So take a chance try something new and like one of my other favorite words advice goes… what have you got to lose? 

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