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When I first created Finding Cupid over four years ago, I started with the simple idea that it was time to inspire people to love again. It’s every year around this time that I feel the need to reaffirm to everyone and myself why I believe in love the way that I do.

The answer is simple, because nobody else does.

Now, I don’t know when it happened or how it happened, but people everywhere had lost all hope in love and anything to do with the happiness believed to be found in love.

We were convinced that love and relationships were apostles of consumerism and that Valentine's Day was the godfather of all that we resented in way of relationship obligation.  

Then, without any warning, technology came and pulled the rug up from under all of us. We were now being forced—not asked, but forced—into a world where dating was happening online and that hooking up with someone on an app was easier than having pizza delivered.

For all intents and purposes, we were screwed.

Whatever human connection we had about love and dating was instantly replaced by technology and it’s emotionless interaction.

So when people tell me they don’t believe in love and that they hate Valentine's Day, I can understand why they do.

But that’s where I come in—someone with an unwavering belief that love, in all its splendor, is still alive and well.

That no matter how far we have advanced in life and technology, there is still a way for us to connect again. And most importantly, to believe again.

Finding Cupid is about forgetting what you used to believe in and reminding yourself of the simple notion that love is indeed possible. That you are still capable of connecting on a human level and that there is a way to have love in your life like you’ve never experienced before.

As gay men, we are travelling into a world with new frontiers. A place where dating can lead to a being engaged, where marriage is now part of our future and that we can have anything that our straight counterparts have ever had.

This is most exciting time to believe in love again because it is happening all around us. People everywhere are getting engaged and having more meaningful relationships.

As we head into the month of February, I want all of you to follow me on a journey in asking questions, sharing experiences and, most importantly, allowing yourself to believe. Be someone who openly proclaims their faith in love and its ability to come into your life and change your world.

Let go of being jaded, hating Valentine's Day or your openly negative attitude towards relationships. Today, you and I start a fresh new chapter of making things happen for you, but it truly does start with your overall perception of love.

No matter what anyone has ever told me about my beliefs when it comes to love, I have never given up or lost faith in it. I don’t think you should either.

Have a question about love or dating? Send it to me. I want to hear all your questions. More importantly, if you have a great story to share, send those as well. People need to hear your inspiring stories, too.

We can inspire together.

With Love,

David Cruz

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