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OK, guys and gals. You asked for it, and now it's here: “The Official #ASKCupid Q&A Session with David Cruz”

I have been taking your questions via Twitter, email and even when you stumbled up to me on “Sunday Funday” in West Hollywood. (Those are always the most entertaining.) So now, here are the best of the best questions from the last week, with all my “Cupid Opinions” to accompany them!

Dear David, My boyfriend and I have been dating for only two months, and when Valentine’s Day came up I wasn’t sure how to approach it. We ended up going for a movie and dinner, but I felt it could have been more romantic. Is this a sign that he’s not interested? —Via

After only a few months of dating there is always a bit of hesitation on anyone’s part to 'go big' on a holiday, especially if it’s Valentine’s Day. Chances are you haven’t even crossed the “I Love You” bridge yet, so don’t put pressure where pressure shouldn’t be. New relationships take time to grow. God forbid he approached the day with guns blazing. You would be asking if it was too much too soon.

Cool your jets, mister. Be grateful for what your man delivered. Things are going just fine. There's no need to rush to the nearest emergency exit!  

How do I know if I’m being too needy or bothering? —Via Twitter/@DavidCruzTMM

Good question, and one I wish more people asked themselves. There is such a thing as suffocating your partner and relationship to death. If you find yourself texting “Hi, how’s your day?” more than once … for five days straight, YOU’RE TOO NEEDY!

Nobody wants a 24-hour status update from a potential boyfriend to be. Let there be some mystery and leave him wanting to know more about you and your life when he sees you next! Pace yourself, or your next Facebook update will more than likely be a change of relationship status.

Some of my friends think I expect too much when it comes to dating. In my opinion, if you're interested, you call. If you don’t, I move on. Is that crazy? —Via Twitter/@DavidCruzTMM

NEVER! This is exactly the way a modern man takes control of his dating life! If a guy is interested, he will put energy into planning and communicating. This is a move that separates the men who are serious from the boys who bullshit! Nobody has time for BS, so keep doing what you're doing!

I expect a guy to buy me a drink when I am at a bar. Is that wrong? —Via Sunday Funday @TheAbbeyWeho

Yes, it’s wrong on so many levels. I have always said, “Chivalry is a courtesy to those who are worthy and gracious.” But for those who 'expect' a drink in hand just because you’re cute, remember this—looks fade, and one day that’s all you will have.

Of course, it’s very nice when someone buys you a drink, but if one lives his life with expectations set so high, he inevitably loses his sense of self-worth and independence. A good man that is worth marrying knows how to be humble and can buy his own drinks.

Your happiness should never be dependent on others or anything they buy for you.

If you have a question that you are dying to get answered, find me on Twitter at @DavidCruzTMM or email me at [email protected], and yes, I take submissions when you catch me going out, too, so ask away!

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