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Vladimir Shmygol Video and Pics



By Ed Baker
Creative Director
Vladimir Shmygol, winner of Frontiers’ Go-Go Appreciation Day 2012 contest, can be seen hauling gear shifts and staring you weak-kneed from the cover of Frontiers’ “L.A. After Dark” issue. Such grimy-sexy sophistication was the alchemy of veteran Frontiers photographer John Fallon, groomer Nate Cooper, some Brick and Mortar wardrobe, an industrial wonderland and of course, the very sweet and ripped go-go star Vladimir.
The aforementioned wonderland materialized courtesy of metal work artist and model Meyghan Hill, who shares a vast East Downtown loft space with three hipsters ... all of whom were worthy of their own shoot. This is how I imagine New Girl to be if produced by HBO. In our episode, the no-nonsense quartet gets visited by a gay micro-crew shooting a shirtless guy amidst their high-end-reclaimed-furniture-making while local homeless folk meander in to collect bottles. While it was difficult not to stare at the blinding blowtorch sparks Meyghan warned us not to stare at, and step into or touch industrial grade oil, we did manage to finesse a Tom Ford-inspired image from what could have lazily been the more expected underwear pictorial. It’s always inspiring when the model announces how happy he is not to be asked to get naked.


I can’t begin to thank all the folks involved enough for pulling this all together on the flip-flops of shoestring budgets and having a blast while doing it. Special thanks to Michael Van London, who graciously provided his sultry voice and dirty-amped tunes to our behind-the-scenes video. Enjoy the pics. And check out all the talented contributors links below.


Photographer: John Fallon,,
Makeup & Groooming: Nate Cooper
Location & furnishings:
Neptune Glass Works
Westin Mitchell Design Group
(wh)ORE HAüS Studios
Wardrobe: Brick and Mortar

MUSIC: Michael Van London
“Sound of an Amp” from American Blood & Guts

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