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Las Vegas Summer Guide: The Coolest & Craziest Places to Stay

If you’re going to schlep through the desert, you might as well splurge on some choice accommodations once you’re there. Las Vegas is flush with unique suites ideal for entertaining you and your crew, impressing newfound friends or simply crashing in comfort and style after a hectic weekend. Here’s a look at some of the coolest—and craziest—suites Sin City has to offer.

The Hardwood Suite, Palms Casino Resort
The name alone tips off the innate homoeroticism of this basketball-themed suite. At 10,000 square feet on two floors, the suite’s main attraction is its B-Ball court with a trio of extra large murphy beds jutting from the walls, though athletic fetishists may be more interested in the private locker room and the dirty jock roleplay to be had there. Oh, and I guess you can play basketball or whatever.

Diva Mega Suite, Rumor Hotel Boutique
Perfect for the “on Wednesdays we wear pink” crowd, this femme-fab suite is slathered in blush, bashful and every pinkish hue in between. The mirrors that zigzag across the walls and ceiling make this suite an ideal abode for any preening princess (or queen). While Rumor advertises this mega suite towards the bachelorette demographic, WeHo denizens can attest that a number of boys would happily unleash their inner Quinn Morgendorffer on the suite’s extra large private balcony.

The Bachelor Pad, Hard Rock Hotel
As a whole, Vegas go-go boys tend to be more skilled than their L.A. counterparts. While the dancers at Micky’s and The Abbey are mostly struggling actors cashing in on their chiseled physiques, Vegas go-gos are often aspiring Cirque du Soleil performers who can bend and twist their bodies in ways you can only dream of. It’s these lithe Vegas go-go boys who necessitate this Bachelor Pad’s signature stripper pole, found in the middle of the living room. Plus, with the bedroom’s mirrored ceiling and the two booths that scream for private lap dances, it’d be a crime not to bring a gaggle of go-gos back to the pad for some afterhours fun.

Sky Villas, Aria at CityCenter
Off the bat, this suite earns major gay points just for being designed by Peter Marino, notable for also designing Andy Warhol’s Upper East Sider townhouse. The 7,000-square-foot Sky Villa (the hotel’s largest of 16) is one of the most technologically advanced suites in Vegas. As soon as you step through the door, computerized curtains automatically open to reveal the breathtaking view before you. All the systems—from lighting to television to music—are operated by a single ‘one touch’ remote control unit. Be careful not to accidentally hit the “Good Night” button, as it will plunge the entire suite into pitch black darkness. 

Absolut Suite, Caesars Palace
While Caesars Palace may be one of the more dated resorts on the strip, this suite is worth hitting up—and not just for its delicious name. (The rooms are modeled after various vodka flavors.) One of its four bedrooms has been designed to appear as if the bed sits in the middle of a swimming pool. If that optical illusion isn’t enough of a selling point, head straight for the actual hot tub, mere inches away from the bed. This mattress-Jacuzzi proximity is sure to make for an imaginative and satisfying night.

Master King Suite, Blue Moon Gay Resort
In the primarily heteronormative desert of Vegas, Blue Moon is a gay oasis. Sin City’s sole gay male resort enforces a delightful clothing-optional policy, which is great for avoiding tan lines and a plethora of other reasons. Buck-naked boys can frolic throughout Blue Moon’s private pool compound and freeball as they freefall down its 10-foot waterfall. And when you’re ready for some intimate time with your man—or men—head back to your 700-square-foot Master King Suite, complete with a California King pedestal bed and a living room that seats 10. If you’re gonna go gay in Vegas, go big or go home.

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