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Margaret Cho and Snoop Dogg Smoking Marijuana is the Best Thing on the Internet

LGBT America’s sweetheart, the irrepressible Margaret Cho, dropped by the product placement-laden studio of GGN—the weekly celebrity interview webcast hosted by none other than the D-O-Double-G himself, Snoop Dogg—to talk about her influences (Richard Pryor and Tamayo Otsuki), her current projects (Drop Dead Diva? Who knew?) and her career aspirations (among them, recording a song with Snoop, natch) all the while smoking copious amounts of marijuana.

Cho is, of course, a delight—cracking jokes about the naming conventions of marijuana strains and her own vaginal tension—all the while clearly ecstatic to be sitting in front of a green screen with the legendary West Coast rapper. And though she seems a little nervous at the beginning of the conversation, she quickly relaxes, completely put at ease by Snoop’s sublimely chill presence, the charmingly idiosyncratic nature of the information he has at his fingertips and of course a whole bunch of cannabis. (At one point the convocation veers into a discussion of who holds the title “Greatest Newscaster in Southern California History”—spoiler alert: Connie Chung comes in at #2 after Jerry Dunphy—and Cho’s eye’s sparkle with the debris from her blown mind.)

Oh, and then he devotes a few minutes to promoting a young, white female rapper from The Valley—because he is Snoop Dogg and he likes her style.

But the best part comes relatively early in the 12-and-a-half-minute interview when a discussion of America’s growing acceptance of marijuana culture veered into a much broader declaration of acceptance and tolerance: 

It’s OK to be you and not feel ashamed—It’s a new America now, you can be you! On all levels of the game, you can be you. And that’s what I love about America now, that it’s so diverse and so open that you can be who you are. I’ve been [a pot smoker] as long as I’ve been me, but they’ve always made it hard on me to be me. And now that I’m able to continue to do me, and allow others to be themselves, this is the new way of becoming the new me. 

This is the magic of Snoop Dogg. Whereas his ‘90s hip-hop contemporary, Jay-Z, has quite self-consciously positioned himself as a modern-day Frank Sinatra, coolly and unabashedly celebrating his business interests, political connections and criminal past; Snoop has taken a very different path, becoming the ganja-wielding elder statesman of hip-hop—a sort of heavily branded Wise Man, who spends his time taking chances, defending the place of alternative styles in hip-hop and conducting some of the most interesting and insightful interviews to be found anywhere, from any screen. And he’s been doing it almost every Tuesday, in one form or another, for the last two years.

So tune in tomorrow to GGN, for what is almost guaranteed to be the next best thing on the Internet.

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