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World Cup-Winning Goal by Mario Götze Reignites Boat Boner Pic (NSFW)

Last night was the denouement of a month-long spectacle for die-hard soccer fans and the sport’s more casual fans alike (I’m looking at you, every gay man in Southern California). In the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Germany went up against Argentina and came away with the golden trophy for the fourth time in the European country’s history.

The game’s final score may have been a paltry 1-0 (unheard of in America’s more popular ballgames), but that one German goal was scored by none other than all-around sexpot Mario Götze, who has since found himself plastered across the interwebs in the most compromising of situations.
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‘A Brony Tale’ Examines Dudes Obsessed with My Little Pony

You’re guaranteed to never look at My Little Pony the same way after watching A Brony Tale. After all, you’ve just learned there are scores of grown men (and not just gay men, mind you) who consider themselves ultimate fans of the über-feminine animated children’s program. Director Brent Hodge’s documentary—the first title in the new Morgan Spurlock Presents line of docs—attempts the impossible: explaining the bizarre (yet oddly intriguing) phenomenon that is the “brony.” We sat down with Hodge to unpack some of the film’s wackier revelations and deeper significance.

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Outfest 2014’s ‘Lyle’: Gaby Hoffmann Thinks the Neighbors Are Out for Her Baby

No longer the child actor you saw in films like Then and Now and Sleepless in Seattle, Gaby Hoffmann is back in a big way, starring in a slew of films (Obvious Child, Jean-Marc Vallee’s Wild) and acclaimed TV series (Girls, Transparent). In Stewart Thorndike’s Lyle, she portrays Leah, a woman who—with her partner, June—loses her daughter in a freak accident. Pregnant once again, Leah becomes obsessed with the idea that her neighbors are involved in a Satanic pact. We caught up with Hoffmann to discuss the new film and her other recent projects. 

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Outfest 2014’s ‘Life Partners’: Faltering Friendship, Dating Mishaps, Comic Relief

As best friends Sasha and Paige approach nearly three decades on Earth, the pair decides to break free from a cycle of Top Model reruns on the couch and bravely enter the black hole of online dating. Thus begins Susanna Fogel’s feature film directorial debut, Life Partners, which opens the yearly LGBT fest with a bang. Most impressive, though, is the film’s cast of characters, a mix of actors and actresses who, through the years, gays and lesbians have grown to love. Here’s a look at Life Partners’ lead and supporting cast and how they rank on our highly scientific scale of gayness.
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Outfest 2014: The Top Films of L.A.’s Gay Cannes

Let France have its starlets on the croisette, Berlin its dark dramas and Tribeca its arty fluff—once a year we get the cream of the film crop, the ultimate alphabet soup of fantasy, phantasmagoria, romance and roughhousing. 

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World Pride 2014: A World-Class Parade with Community Orgs, Corporate Sponsors and Nude Protestors

World Pride is taking place in Toronto as I write this, a city known for its diversity and laid-back attitude towards people of all orientations and identities. It’s an international celebration that incorporates activism, education, history and most importantly celebration of the LGBTQIAA2 experience. Everyone is represented this weekend, from all walks of life, people of all shapes, colors and sizes, and from all over the globe. The weekend marks the first time World Pride has been held in North America.
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Paul Zone: Inside the Glam, Trash and Gender-Bending of the New York Underground (Photos)

The life of most 14-year-olds is a quiet one—school, sports, hanging with friends and occasionally getting into trouble. But for Paul Zone, growing up in the early ‘70s at the center of the universe, New York City, 14 meant late nights with rock stars, drag queens, drug addicts, artists and other regulars of Max’s Kansas City and CBGB.

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Chelsea Handler’s Next Move: First Talk Show Host of Netflix

The announcement has officially been made. After her declaration back in March that she would be leaving behind her popular E! late night talk show Chelsea Lately, fans of female-driven comedy and late night have been pondering what Chelsea Handler‘s next step could possibly be. Handler has officially inked a deal with Netflix to create a talk show for the company starting in 2016.
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ThunderGround Roller Rink the Real Hit of L.A. Pride (Video)

As Frontiers previously reported, Christopher Street West (producers of L.A. Pride) teaming up with the likes of nightlife darlings Luke Nero and Andres Rigal in creating ThunderGround, the weekend’s massive outdoor roller rink, was perhaps the organization’s smartest move to date. As expected, the rink was a huge hit among revelers during this past weekend’s Pride festivities.
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What Is Gay L.A.? Local Insiders Share Their Thoughts

A community as immense as the Los Angeles LGBT society is as diverse as one would imagine. Sexuality is but one spoke on the wheel. Gay life today assumes many guises. As a stab at clarity, here’s an informal court of citizenry to stop and share the view from where they stand. With some pride and prejudice as well, here’s a look at Gay L.A. 2014.

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