Reconstruct, Redefine, Rejuvenate


Published: 08/28/2013

by Frontiers Staff


Pretty may be a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, but as the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or at least so says plastic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers, whose offices in Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Studio City have become hot destinations for beauty-seekers in zip codes where there is no shortage of the same.

Note the use of the word ‘beauty’ rather than the word ‘perfection’ here to describe the pursuit that is the hallmark of Dr. Rogers’ practice. The distinction is a simple but significant one for the good doctor and his patients, because just as strongly as he advocates that the former—being something that is subject to perception—is achievable, he strongly argues that the latter is not.

“My goal is to make you feel comfortable with yourself in the world you live in,” Dr. Rogers explains of his approach to performing reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. “Whether improving or restoring your appearance, I create the best you I can. The reality is that those seeking perfection will forever [and] always be disappointed. Having realistic expectations is the key to successful outcomes, and understanding that [while] improvement is attainable, perfection is not.”

To help his clients achieve their aesthetic goals, Dr. Rogers combines state-of-the-art technology with a holistic approach to the individual needs of each patient—even if that occasionally means venturing into uncharted territory.

“I treat my patients as a whole, not as body parts, and I pride myself in providing a solution to any problem, including innovating new techniques,” he explains. “My practice also offers the most advanced non-invasive procedures, including hair grafting, body sculpting and facial rejuvenation.”

As an added bonus, unlike so many cosmetic surgeons who devote their attention to an exclusively female clientele, Dr. Rogers has taken special note of the burgeoning need to cater to the differing requirements of male clients.

“Many techniques exist for improving the appearance of our female counterparts,” he offers. “However, cosmetic plastic surgery on males is a relatively new frontier. Relatively few surgeons understand the principles necessary to enhance the male form, let alone excel in the techniques.” 

Excelling is in these new techniques for men is Dr. Rogers’ calling card. Not only does he offer everything from “aesthetically appropriate male facelifts to high-tech body sculpting”—he has also, by his own admission, had “great success in muscle augmentation in conjunction with liposuction,” which creates exceptionally lean and muscular physiques where they may not have existed before.  All of which leaves little doubt that the tagline “Reconstruct. Redefine. Rejuvenate.” as touted by Dr. Rogers’ website is more than an alliterative string of buzz words but instead a true mantra for the fruits of his labor.

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