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Published: 05/15/2013

by Frontiers Staff


A dentist appointment you can actually look forward to? Could such a thing possibly exist? Dr. Rouzita Rashtian of Serenity Dental Center has not only ticked the ‘yes’ box in reply to both questions, she has built her whole practice on what might be called the cutting-edge new frontier of dentistry—a parallel reality where dental care is not something that we merely endure but instead an experience that is part and parcel of a holistic life.

At her state-of-the art Serenity Dental Center, Dr. Rashtian practices holistic/biological dentistry, a philosophy that recognizes the teeth and their orally associated kin as a part of the whole body. In layman’s terms, that means, among other things, that at Serenity your oral health is treated as it relates to your overall health, and wherever possible Dr. Rashtian encourages Amalgam-free and Mercury-safe dentistry.

It’s no secret that over the years, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology as well as other prominent holistic dental organizations have issued recommendations warning of the health risks associated with amalgams. And that is precisely why at Serenity Dental Center you’ll find safe, biocompatible dental materials are encouraged over their counterparts. So much so in fact that Dr. Rashtian believes in removing and replacing amalgam fillings safely based on those recommendations. Which only makes sense, because after all, if teeth are viewed as part of the whole body, the prevailing view is that what is toxic in one part of the body is toxic throughout. 

This level of care and interest in every patient’s total health profile is all part of Dr. Rashtian’s greater philosophy about dentistry and her practice, founded on the principal that every individual deserves the highest quality in dental care along with her commitment to developing highly personalized relationships with each and every patient according to their respective needs.

A graduate of UCLA and the USC School of Dentistry, in addition to being a member of a number of prestigious dental associations including the Holistic Dental Association and the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists, the good Dr. Rashtian’s expertise and credentials are well-established. However, it is what Serenity Dental offers beyond the traditional dental office experience that sets it apart.

While putting a great deal of effort into bringing state-of-the-art dentistry and the latest technology into her current practice, Dr. Rashtian prides herself on  “communicating and listening very closely to every patient’s need,” a trademark skill that is quickly bolstering her reputation as a dental surgeon whose compassion matches her skill.

Dentistry with a heart—who would have thought? Next thing you know they’ll be selling bottled water from glaciers at the neighborhood grocery store.

Dr. Rashtian is Invisalign and ClearCorrect-certified and has extensive experience in dental implants, veneers, different types of dental fillings, teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, composite fillings, porcelain crowns and more.

Below Dr. Rashtian talks to Frontiers about the dangers associated with Mercury fillings, removing them safely and the expertise and care that set her practice apart.

Q:Can Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings potentially harm you?

A: Yes! Amalgam (silver) fillings contain over 50% mercury. Research has shown that mercury gets released from the fillings as a result of change in temperature during chewing, brushing, grinding, drinking hot liquids, dental drills and dental cleaning and polish. As you know mercury is among the most toxic substances and no amount of it is healthy to have in our body.

Q: Is there a safe way to remove Mercury fillings?

A: Yes. There is a strict protocol that a holistic dentist follows when replacing mercury (silver) fillings to protect the patient and staff from getting exposed to the toxic mercury vapor. This protocol includes and is not limited to using oxygen, Placing Rubber dam, High volume evacuation system, special technique to cut amalgam to reduce mercury vapor and using high volume of water to cool the filling.

Q: What happens when mercury is released from dental filling?

A: Unfortunately, our body does not have a natural ability to dispose mercury therefore any mercury atoms that is inhaled or ingested will be restored and deposited in our main organs such as brain, liver, kidney, muscle,…

Q: What are some of the health risks associated with chronic mercury poisoning?

A: There is enough research to show that chronic mercury poisoning can lead to:  1)Allergic reaction, 2) becoming more susceptible to autoimmune diseases  3)Damage cardiovascular system 4) deplete body of its most important antioxidant and weaker all aspect of immune system  5) Making intestinal bacteria and yeast resistant to Antibiotic and antifungal treatment  6)Interfere with body’s ability to make hemoglobin and carry oxygen 7) Alter the normal function of proteins, enzymes, and other vital substances

Q: Do all dentists follow the safe protocol to remove amalgam fillings?

A: No! Unfortunately, not all dentists practice this safety measure that’s why it’s so important for you to make sure your dentist is up to date and protects you against mercury toxicity.  

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