The Art of Making A Message Stick


Published: 08/06/2013

by Frontiers Staff


Delivering a message that manages to rise above the noisy din of day-to-day life has become increasingly difficult in a world where communication has shifted into hyperdrive. For large companies, the art of making a message stick is overseen by a veritable cabal of savvy marketing experts, though for smaller businesses, leaving a mark on a distracted public can sometimes pose more of a challenge. That’s where art director Ryan Simsich and agencies like his stickyGIANT step in to fill the void.

StickyGIANT is a full-service design agency that specializes in helping small businesses make a big impression. From brand development and social networking to media placement, strategy and printing, Simsich accesses his extensive design background, along with his personal experience as a small business owner, to ensure that his clients’ messages connect with their target audience.

“As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I know what it takes to build a business and how vital it is to make sure you stand out and become a giant in your field of work,” Simsich explains.

“Good design starts with knowing your audience. We like to work closely with our clients to get an idea of who they sell to and really understand their brand personality. We get involved with our customers to ensure we know exactly what they need and then provide input on how our design can impact the business as a whole, and not just as a one-time project. Our approach is to make every working relationship personal. We are passionate about advertising and know the importance of having a brand that sticks.”

Simsich’s passion for design translates in equal measure to his passion for the LGBT community. StickyGIANT is not only a go-to resource for many of the best-known LGBT brands in Los Angeles. The agency, along with Simsich, is also a major supporter of LGBT causes.

“We know the LGBT audience, and many of our clients are gay-owned businesses, including Micky’s in West Hollywood,” Simsich says. “We were a part of the grand reopening a couple of years ago, and we designed the sign that you see out front. Other clients include Timoteo, Roger Perry of Rodeo Realty, Gay4Good, DJ eur-O-steve and Gatto Rosso, LLC, among others. We have also committed to donate 25 percent of all printing profits to the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and AIDS/Lifecycle to raise awareness and help end the HIV pandemic.”

Simsich does all of the above while embracing environmentally responsible printing and offering custom wedding invitation design and inexpensive printing options to boot. Talk about a message that we hope to see stick.

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