Fitness Guy Aaron Savvy prides himself as an elite trainer, working with individuals locally to take the necessary steps in building a healthy new lifestyle.

As an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified trainer in Los Angeles, his goal is to guide and train you to be the best “YOU” can be, through mental preparation and hard work.

“For more information please visit or  email [email protected].”
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Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution
Ugh! Here we go again, creeping up on another year and another shot at following through with our New Year’s resolutions. But do we really understand—or even care—about creating a new fitness plan for the new year? I see it year after year, like clockwork—the new gym memberships are purchased …
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Get The Body You Want (& Keep It)
Hello, reader, and welcome to one of the most important days of your life. What if I told you that you that yes, you could obtain the physique you have been longing for? Not only would you get your physique, but you could sustain it and never lose it. Is …
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Fitness Q & A: Protein Bars & Nutitional Plans
What’s your take on protein bars? Is there one that is better than the others?             —Keith, Hollywood Protein bars are exactly that—a meal supplement that is usually higher in protein than any other ingredient. Protein bars will vary from one to another. One can carry high carbohydrates while another …
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Fitness Q & A: Water and Results
How much water should I be drinking a day?             —Gary, Silver Lake I suggest drinking no less than two liters of water per day. For the active, I suggest drinking a gallon of water per day. The body is made up of 80 percent water, so it is vital …
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Fitness Q & A: Protein and Patience
Hey, Aaron. You often write about the importance of eating enough protein when building muscle, but what exactly is protein?—Jake, Hollywood Protein is an essential nutrient. There is no life without protein. Protein is contained in every part of your body—the skin, muscles, hair, blood, organs, eyes, even fingernails …
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Fitness Q & A
I’m a 26-year-old guy, 6′ 1″ between 180-190 lbs, 19 percent body fat and my job keeps me from working out every day. I try to work out every other day, but sometimes it’s only once per week. I’m not very toned and am looking to get more toned but …
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Fitness Q & A
I want to start working out. Can you recommend any good gyms?     —Jonathan, Hollywood I would definitely start by looking for a gym that is either close to where you live or a gym that is close to where your work. Besides the big chain fitness gyms, …
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Fitness Tips
I failed last summer. What tips can you give me now to ensure my body looks great by summer? —Thomas, Silver Lake Here are 10 tips you can apply and use to feel a little more confident in showing off your body this summer. 1. Drink Water. Drinking water is …
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Fitness Q&A;
 I am trying to lose weight. Is there anything I should absolutely stay away from? —Howard, Hollywood Here is a list of what I like to call the “seven deadly sins” when building a better body.1. Sugar. We all know the word, and in one way or …
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Losing Weight Quickly and Safely
I cannot seem to get my eating under control to lose weight. Suggestions?—Tyler, Culver City    As a fitness trainer and nutrition junkie, all of my clients not only lose weight fast and safely, but they are replacing fat with lean muscle. A lack of education and understanding about …
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