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The Healthy Humper
Sex twice per week could be one of the best things you’ll do for your body
From tantalizing fatty foods to creative cocktails, the world is full of tempting but risky vices. It seems the more pleasurable the indulgence, the more hazardous it can be to your health. Fortunately, one of the greatest joys known to man is not only devoid of negative side-effects but is also one of the most wholesome. It turns out that the health benefits of sex go way beyond the obvious release of tension. Getting busy …
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The Trouble with Toys
Is your trusty dildo hazardous to your health?
Today’s choices of sexual toys are as diverse as the playfully curious public using them. Unfortunately, there’s more to electro penile proxies and strings of anal beads than meets the (brown) eye. Many of these goodtime gadgets get their comfortable pliability by mixing specialized plastics or rubber components into the manufacturing mold. The downside to these insertables is that the materials can break down, causing toys to separate and leak while in use.  As if …
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Choke and Croak
The Dangers of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation
Bagging, scarfing, choking, erotic breath play—the ritual of cutting off oxygen to the brain for increased sexual sensation is known by many names. Beyond caressing, sucking and biting, after your heart kicks into high gear and blood rushes to your rapidly growing erection, your breathing naturally becomes heavier. It’s the interruption of this last part—the breathing—that some men have discovered adds fuel to the erotic furnace. While it’s very rare that serious injury or death …
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Pumped Up Prostates
Before their debut on thousands of seedy websites, negative pressure vacuum pumps had the noble duty of giving life to the limp. The transparent tubular mechanisms drew blood into penis capillaries, creating otherwise impossible erections for men with chronic diabetes or circulatory disorders. But it wasn’t until shady profiteers began promoting these peter pumpers as tools for permanently increasing the size of one’s manhood that they started to get a bad rap. There was just …
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Bionic Boner Blues
The guy who brandishes an iron-clad erection for hours on end might seem like a dream come true, but as the evening progresses and the pumped up pumper doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but up, the dream can gradually turn to a nightmare. The condition characterized by an erect penis that doesn’t return to a flaccid state within four hours despite a lack of both physical and psychological stimulation is known as priapism. If …
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Precarious Positions
Whether you’re a Kama Sutra advocate, a fan of Tantric antics or you just like to twist torsos into standard sexual positions, you’ve probably put the boundaries of human agility to the test on more than one occasion. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, humans like to explore all kinds of sexual positions. But if your luck runs out somewhere between the first exciting sensations of foreplay and the final throes of orgasm, you …
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Rubber Blunder
>So you’re doing the right thing and practicing safer sex with your preferred prophylactic. But there’s a little more to wrapping your manhood than you hear about on those Trojan Man commercials. First of all, it makes sense there would be some risk of slippage when stretching a latex sheath over a liquid-producing projectile and thrusting repeatedly into a tight orifice. So don’t let your pride get in the way of your condom purchases—XL …
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Phallic Fraud
Despite the $100 million generated annually from phallic-enhancing pharmaceuticals, there is no scientific or medical proof of their effectiveness. Yohimbe, gingko biloba and various other ingredients are the stuff of these penis enlargement pills, and while they may give your pocket rocket a serious boost, there has never been any evidence that they permanently increase penile length or girth. Remember the creepy Cheshire grin on “Smiling Bob,” the TV commercial mascot for the popular penile …
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Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Do you have a healthy sexual appetite or a problematic obsession with sex? In the past, those who had erotic cravings considered beyond the norm were diagnosed as having satyriasis. The preferred tag of late is ‘hypersexuality.’ But no matter what label you apply, being consumed with carnality is a relative condition. There are no specific tests to diagnose hypersexuality, and since sex drives can vary widely among individuals, who’s to say what is a …
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Horny Ho Hum
It’s another Saturday night, you’ve rested up from the busy work week and you know tomorrow you can snooze through the morning. This was once the point where a sexual pleasure-fest wasn’t even a question—it just happened. But as weeks turned to months, and months dominoed into years, your relationship developed a yawn that left you reaching for the remote rather than your lover. The problem is, a mutually compatible, healthy sexual appetite is a …
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