Encounter with a Mysterious Server at WeHo Bistro

The tab where the server’s name appears read FB. Frank Bridges I thought to myself. But since he is Latin—all golden, lush-lipped, dark liquid eyes and sphinx-like, it surely couldn’t be. I began to think of him as Fantastically Buff. For this young man is indeed fantastically buff. Perfectly proportioned. Had he been alive in Michelangelo’s day, the sculptor would have sent David home and had FB pose for him.  

It would be a cliché to say he is tall, dark and handsome, although he is all of these things. Not over-gymed, no steroid aid, he has arms that Superman would envy, a chest, a waist, a butt any male model or film star would die for. Patrons of the WeHo Bistro, too!

There is a secret, mysterious, even melancholy air about FB. He doesn’t give much away. Over a period of six months I learned little of him other than his devotion to his family, demonstrated vividly in the answers to the questions I posed to him. And there is an air of sweetness about him, shown in the way he welcomed me back after an absence of some time. He seemed generally pleased to see me. I was enchanted and surprised in equal measure.

I asked him if he would participate in an article for my column, Service, and if so, whether he would give me his e-mail address. He wrote it down on a scrap of paper. I looked at it—a mystery!. Zs and 2s, zeros and capital Os were all part of it. I had to ask him to decipher it, fearful that those sinister Maeler-Daemon people would return it marked “undeliverable.”

But it worked. I sent him the questions, and after a delay, received his responses. “I was super sick,” he apologized. Everything about him is super.  

He told me his name is really Osvaldo. He never explained the initials FB, so I am sure they do, in fact, stand for Fantastically Buff.

What is your dream for yourself?
My dream is to go around the world with my sisters. 

Your perfect day?
That’s always at home, chilling, watching movies and going to the Farmers Market.

What music you are currently listening to?
[His answer was preceded by a happy face with a Buick grill-like grin. He obviously loves current music.Miley Cyrus. Lorde. Nelly Furtado. Justin Timberlake. Rihanna. Katy Perry. Etc. [I have a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine, so I know all of them with the exception of “etc.”] 

Your best friend?
My Mom. My sisters. [FB is shyly monosyllabic.]

Your first memory?
I was 5 years old. My mom waking me up to watch Ana Gabriel’s music videos.

Your greatest fear?
Losing any of my loved ones.

Your favorite hang-out place?
My family house. Hanging out with Nana. What can I say? I am a family guy.


Your greatest influence.
It will always be my Mom. Nothing was impossible for her. Anything her children wanted, she made happen for us. Hard work. Great love. 

Your favorite time of day?
When I am done with work! [Another smiley face.]

Boxers or briefs?
Well, I wear briefs when I go to work. I never wear boxers. And when I am at home, I wear neither.

Home sweet home, I thought to myself, adding my own smiley face.

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